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   Come Experience the Divine Grace and Glorious Guidance  of Goddess Sri Kanchi Kamakshi Ambal. Smt. Krishnaveni Subramanian is a Srividhya Upasaki who can help you solve all your problems and much, much more with simple Pariharams. She is well known for her Vaakbhalitham and has devotees all around the world.

May the Grace of Goddesss Sri Kamakshi help and guide you all.
Consultation in person or over the phone. Call for appointment.
Ph: +91-44-24525726
Email: kamakshiarul@yahoo.co.in

                'Wishing everybody a very happy, prosperous and a healthy Vigruthi year'!

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Horais as per the hour of the day
Days    6am-7am    7am-8am    8am-9am    9-10am    10-11am    11-12 N    12-1pm    1pm-2pm    2pm-3pm    3pm-4pm    4pm-5pm    5pm-6pm

SUN    Suryan           Sukran      Budhan       Chandran    Shani        Guru        Chevvai    Suryan         Sukran        Budhan      Chandran    Shani
MON    Chandran      Shani        Guru           Chevvai       Suryan      Sukran      Bhudan    Chandran     Shani          Guru          Chevvai     Suryan
TUE    Chevvai          Suryan      Sukran        Budhan       Chandran   Shani      Guru         Chevvai       Suryan       Sukran        Bhudan     Chandran
WED    Bhudan         Chandran    Shani        Guru           Chevvai      Suryan    Sukran       Bhudan      Chandran    Shani         Guru         Chevvai
THUR    Guru            Chevvai     Suryan        Sukran        Bhudan     Chandran    Shani      Guru          Chevvai       Suryan       Sukran      Bhudan
FRI       Sukran           Bhudan    Chandran     Shani         Guru          Chevvai     Suryan     Sukran        Bhudan      Chandran    Shani       Guru
SAT     Shani             Guru         Chevvai       Suryan        Sukran       Bhudan    Chandran    Shani       Guru           Chevvai      Suryan      Sukran

Days    6pm-7pm    7pm-8pm    8pm-9pm    9-10pm    10-11pm    11-12M    12-1am    1am-2am    2am-3am    3am-4am    4am-5am    5am-6am

SUN      Guru           Chevvai       Suryan        Sukran       Bhudan    Chandran   Shani       Guru        Chevvai       Suryan        Sukran         Bhudan
MON    Sukran         Bhudan      Chandran      Shani       Guru         Chevvai      Suryan      Sukran    Bhudan       Chandran    Shani          Guru
TUE    Shani           Guru           Chevvai        Suryan     Sukran       Bhudan     Chandran    Shani    Guru            Chevvai       Suryan        Sukran
WED   Suryan          Sukran        Bhudan       Chandran    Shani      Guru          Chevvai      Suryan    Sukran        Bhudan       Chandran    Shani
THUR  Chandran    Shani          Guru            Chevvai      Suryan    Sukran        Bhudan     Chandran    Shani      Guru            Chevvai       Suryan
FRI      Chevvai        Suryan       Sukran          Bhudan     Chandran    Shani      Guru          Chevvai    Suryan       Sukran         Bhudan    Chandran
SAT    Bhudan       Chandran    Shani            Guru          Chevvai     Suryan     Sukran        Bhudan    Chandran    Shani         Guru         Chevvai
Day       Rahu Kalam                 Guliga Kalam                Yamagandam

SUN       7:30-9:00AM              3:00 - 4:30 PM             12:00-1:30 PM
MON     7:30-9:00AM              1:30 - 3:00 PM             10:30-12 Noon
TUE       3:00-4:30 PM              12:00-1:30 PM             9:00-10:30 AM
WED     12.00-1:30PM             10:30-12Noon              7:30 - 9:00 AM
THUR    1:30-3:00 PM              9:00-10:30 AM             6:00 - 7:30 AM
FRI        10.30-12.00Noon       7:30 - 9:00 AM              3:00 - 4:30 PM
SAT       9:00-10:30AM            6:00 - 7:30 AM              1:30 - 3:00 PM

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